In This blog, we’ll discuss how to gain weight. With some Natural Tips Which will surely gain.

Because, although being overweight is not good, However, if someone is underweight, that also doesn’t look charming. It looks very clumsy & bad.

Some people are very skinny. The reason for this is not that they don’t eat properly. The reason is that their body doesn’t accept anything.

Why is it so? Because whatever they eat gets burned in the body due to high basal metabolic rate. It’s like a car which consumes a lot of fuel but gives very low mileage. Similarly, our body starts burning the food that we eat.

It consumes a lot of body energy just in a small amount of work due to imbalance in basal Metabolic rate (BMR). Having low BMR is also not good. BMR means the process of digestion in our body.

This is the Metabolism, Anabolism & catabolism inside our body. The disturbances in its balance are not good. It is neither good to be short nor good to be excess.

So, What is to be done for this?

First, work on improving your digestion. There are many people, whose body doesn’t absorb anything because the filters of the stomach do not squeeze the nutrients from the food. When you excrete, if your stools are greasy, then you should understand that your body is throwing away nutrition outside.

And if you are getting motions 3-4 times a day, then also your body is throwing away the nutrition outside.

So what is to be done for this? Make your stomach so strong that it absorbs the maximum nutrition from the food. Then only your body will gain.

For this, it is necessary to do some exercises like sit ups etc.

Some people say, “ I’m already skinny. Should I do heavy exercises?”

Yes, Of course.

The more you exercise after eating, the more your body will gain from it.

If you eat and keep sitting, then your body will not get any benefit from the food.

I’m giving you some tips, which will help you gain weight very fast.

Just note these 1-2 tips.

After half an hour of having meals, start drinking a small amount of water. Normally, people need to drink water after 1.5 hours of having meals, but those who want to gain weight, need to drink a small amount of water after half an hour.

If you want, you can drink water after 1.5 hours also, but to gain weight it is important to take both chapati (Indian Flat Bread) & rice in your meals.

Though I’ll not recommend eating rice & chapati (Indian Flat Bread) both all 3 times a day but at least take 1 or 2 meals, in which you have both chapati (Indian Flat Bread) as well as rice.

If you are not taking these two together, then you can take 2 curries or 1 pulse & one vegetable curry together. Sometimes, you can take vegetable curry and curd together.
Or sometimes eat cottage cheese in lunch because taking cottage cheese in the morning reduces weight.

Eating cheese in the afternoon or at night helps in gaining weight. Besides this, if you eat banana & butter (unsalted) adding some brown sugar to it daily in the morning, then your weight will start increasing gradually.

If you eat bananas empty stomach it reduces weight. On an empty stomach, take 1-2 spoons of fresh homemade butter (not Amul butter) with 1 banana and add 1-2 spoons of brown sugar to it.
At times, If homemade butter is not available, then take 1 banana, 1 spoon cow’s ghee (Clarified butter) & 1 spoon of brown sugar. Mix it to make a paste & eat it daily.

Besides this do some Rapid exhalation & alternate breathing. There is no harm in this. Some people asked me, “We are skinny & rapid exhalation helps in reducing weight.

So, should we practice Rapid Exhalation?”

Even those who are underweight should do at least 10 minutes of Rapid exhalation & some breathing exercises.

Even if a normal person practices Rapid exhalation for 10-15 minutes, he will not lose weight. This is assured.

There are some other tips for gaining weight.

  • Drink some milk morning & evening sipping it slowly.
  • You need to drink hot milk and not cold. Add half spoon of ‘Ashwagandha’ Powder to it. You can get it from the market from a grocer as many Ayurvedic pharmacies manufacture it.
  • In summers, take half a spoon, morning & evening and in winters you can take full spoon also.
  • Either take it 1-1.5 hours after meals or 1 hour before having meals.
  • Don’t take it just after having your meal.
  • Besides this, do rigorous workout e.g. physical exercises, sit-ups etc.
  • Following all this, you will definitely gain weight.

Hope you Got the knowledge To gain weight in this blog. You will Gain weight Rapidly if you follow these instruction.

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