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Why do hiccups always seem to strike at the worst possible moment?

Most hiccups will go away on their own. But in some cases they can last for a while. And if you test one of those old wives’ tales about stopping hiccups say, getting someone to scare you – you’re probably going to be disappointed.

There are a few home remedies you can try:

1) Cover your mouth

hiccups - cover your mouth

The next time you get a case of this, try cupping your hands over your nose and mouth, but continue breathing normally. (You can also breathe into a paper bag if you’ve got one handy.) In either case, the extra dose of carbon dioxide should help you get rid of it.

2) Hold your breath

hiccups - stop your breath

The next time you’ve got hiccups, take a deep breath and hold it. When there’s a build-up of carbon dioxide in your lungs, your diaphragm relaxes, which should help get rid of it.

3) Drink some water to get rid of hiccups

drink water to stop hicccups

Take nine or ten quick sips in a row from a glass of water. When you’re gulping a drink, rhythmic contractions of the esophagus override spasms of the diaphragm. If this doesn’t work, place a single layer of paper towel over the top of a glass, then drink through the towel. You’ll have to “pull” even harder with your diaphragm to suck up the water.

4) Plug your ears to get rid of hiccups

cover your ears to stop hiccups

The next time you get this, stick your fingers in your ears for 20 to 30 seconds. Alternatively, you can press the soft areas behind your earlobes, just below the base of the skull. This sends a “relax” signal through the vagus nerve, which connects to the diaphragm.

5) Sip some hot sauce

hot sauce

This probably works because the heat and burn are distracting enough to turn your body’s focus on the burn, instead of the hiccup process.

6) Suck on a lemon to get rid of hiccups

suck a lemon

Biting or sucking on a lemon wedge is another popular hiccup remedy. If you have time, suck on a lemon wedge soaked in non-alcoholic bitters.

7) Chew up some dill

Here’s a simple, pleasant-tasting trick on how to get rid of hiccups: Slowly chew a teaspoon of dill seeds. This traditional cure may work because swallowing the seeds stimulates the vagus nerve to make the hiccups stop.

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